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The name of our art is Yoseikan Budo developed by Minoru Mochizuki Shihan and incorporates the Japanese martial arts of Karate and Aikibudo. Yoseikan Budo provides a martial art system of punches, kicks, joint locks and holds that will help you or your children develop self defence skills but also can improve their confidence, self discipline, character and self-esteem. Students build friendships, socialise and have fun. Physically Yoseikan Budo will improve your fitness, flexibility, coordination and strength. Yoseikan Budo allows students to feel good about themselves and their achievements and make positive changes to their lives in a safe environment no matter what age they are.

We are affiliated to the Australian Karate Federation and the International Gyokushin Ryu Aikido Fedration (through Australian representative, Jon MARSHALL Sensei - Melbourne Budo Academy)

Working with Children qualified coaches

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Forrestfield Hall in Forrestfield Western Australia
Cnr Hale Road and Anderson Road
Phone: 0409 195 069
Wednesday 6.30-7.45pm Seniors 15yrs +
Saturdays 10-11.30am 7yrs+
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Ground work - escape guard
Akido - Glen and Pat
Side kick - public demonstrations Kings Park
Roy Sensai
Kids fun warmup
Roy Sensai Kata
2016 Gasshuku
Bear hug defense
Bear hug defense


Roy Hebden Sensei

Roy Hebden Sensei started Karate with Steven Weir Sensei in Forrestfield as a Junior. He has been training at Forrestfield since then and took over the club in 1997. He has also trained extensively with Yoshiaki Unno Sensei in both karate and kobudo as well as some iaido and aikido. As an instructor and the technical director (Australia) of Yoseikan Budo Roy Sensei has over thirty years experience in Yoseikan Karate and Kobudo having started Yoseikan Budo in 1981.

Roy Sensei has been fortunate enough to have trained with Hiroo Mochizuki Shihan, Mitchi Mochizuki Sensei, Mario Ambrosini Sensei in Yoseikan Budo and Terumi Washizu Kaiso in Gyokushin Ryu.

Terumi Washizu Kaiso

Roy Sensei has a Level One Coaching Qualification in Karate from the Australian Coaching Council and is an instructor recognised by the Australian Karate Federation (AKF). He and his senior students regularly update their karate coaching knowledge through courses and seminars offered by this federation. Roy Sensei currently holds a third dan in Yoseikan Budo and also Karate, a first dan in Matayoshi Kobudo and is graded first dan in Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido.

Yoshiaki Unno Sensei

Unno Sensei was born in Shizuoka Japan in 1950, he started his martial arts training at an early age under Mochizuki Kancho at the Yoseikan dojo in Shizuoka before coming to Australia in late 1974.  Unno Sensei introduced Yoseikan Budo into Western Australia and was the former State Coach of the Western Australian Karate team.  He held 32 dan grades including a 6th dan in Karate. Although Unno Sensei retired from martial arts due to failing health he maintained a keen interest in all things budo. Unno Sensei passed away in June 2006.

Stephen Weir Sensei

Steven Weir Sensei, one of Unno Sensei first students, opened the Forrestfield dojo in 1980. He taught Yoseikan Karate at Forrestfield for over ten years before handing over the day to day running of the club to his senior students. In this time Stephen Sensei also represented both Western Australia and Australia in sport karate. Stephen Sensei also trained in Japan under the watchful eye of Minoru Mochizuki Kancho. Although he did not officially train after the mid 90s Stephen Sensei kept his technique sharp and contributed his considerable martial arts knowledge to Yoseikan Budo helping with gradings and tournaments. Sadly Stephen Weir Sensei passed away in January 2007 after a long battle with illness.

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