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Yoseikan Budo is a comprehensive martial art system based in Forrestfield Western Australia that offers something for everyone. Our classes include dynamic martial art training along with effective self defence, flexibility, and fitness. Yoseikan Budo focuses on respect, for oneself and for others in order to develop both self esteem and confidence. Yoseikan-Budo insists on a safe training environment and is suitable for ages 7yrs and above. Originally in Perth Yoseikan Budo taught Karate, Aikido and Kobudo separately. The Forrestfield Dojo was first opened as a karate club by the late Steven Weir in the early eighties. However it has since expanded its syllabus due to our affiliation with the World Yoseikan Federation (WYF) formerly known as the Yoseikan World Federation. The many techniques of our style are unified by the wave movement and comprise of the strikes and kicks of karate, the locks and throws of jiu jutsu and the weapons of kobudo Regular visits by Australian instructors to international WYF seminars ensure the most current and effective techniques and ideas from the masters of Yoseikan Budo are taught in our club.

We offer nationally certified instructors qualified through the Australian Coaching Council. As well as being affiliated to the World Yoseikan Federation (club 275) under the guidance of Master Hiroo Mochizuki our club is also affiliated to the Australian Karate Federation (AKF). Our involvement in these two bodies ensure you get the latest training methods combined with effective martial arts instruction.

By training in Yoseikan Budo you can not only develop skills in defending yourself or your loved ones but also develop your character. Through Yoseikan Budo, a person can improve their confidence, self discipline and self-esteem. Students build friendships, socialise and have fun. Physically Yoseikan Budo will improve your fitness, flexibility, coordination and strength.  Yoseikan Budo allows students to feel good about themselves and their achievements and make positive changes to their lives in a safe environment no matter what age they are.

Traditionally martial arts were non competitive arts developed for the brutal "kill or be killed" times of past. Yoseikan Budo offers many options, Your training can be tailored to ensure you get what you require from practicing Yoseikan Budo, it can be practiced in a non competitive way concentrating on improving yourself and your martial arts at your own pace. Also offered for those students who may be interested in testing themselves against students from other clubs for state and national titles is the opportunity to compete in AKF karate tournaments held in various locations throughout Perth. Tournaments are also offered by the WYF culminating in the Yoseikan World Cup held once every four years. Students also have the opportunity to monitor their progress by participating in regular gradings or even train overseas at one of the many international Yoseikan clubs.     

Please look through our website and perhaps visit our links. If still would like to know more about our club or how to join then please contact Yoseikan Budo by phone or email or better still come down to the club and have a look for yourself.  

Wednesday 6.30 to 7.45pm and Saturdays 10 to 11.30am  at the Forrestfield Hall  in ForresTfield WESTERN AUSTRALIA.  

SMS or Ring 0409 195 069 or 0408 195 069



Whether in life or in the study of the martial
arts, everything is a question of balance. When we learn a technique, we receive, when we teach it, we give. When we give, we therefore don't lose anything, because in return, if our gift is sincere in our spirit, we always learn a truth. Minoru Mochizuki Kancho



Training on the South Perth Foreshore Western Australia

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