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What is Yoseikan Budo?

Yoseikan budo is a comprehensive Japanese martial art practised throughout the world founded by Minoru Mochizuki and further developed by his son Hiroo Mochizuki. In Australia the emphasis is on Karate, Kobudo and Goshin Jutsu (Self Defence). However Yoseikan Budo (Europe, the U.S.A. and Japan) also involves aikido, judo and iaido.

What is Karate?

Karate-do, or the way of the empty hand, consists of kicks, punches and blocks that are used to defend oneself from harm if attacked. Karate originated in Okinawa. This was due to firstly a ban on all bladed weapons (15th century) and then later following the 17th century invasion by Japanese forces, a ban was then placed on all martial arts. This led to the Okinawans developing karate. Originally called te, meaning "hand", Karate evolved from Chinese fighting arts and was practiced in secret for almost three hundred years. It was not until 1922 that Karate was first demonstrated in Japan. The demonstration was given by Gichin Funakoshi, an Okinawan school teacher, who was largely instrumental in the integration of Karate into Japanese society. From there Karate has grown to become a popular martial art practiced world wide. 

Do I have to sign a contract to join Yoseikan Budo?

No Way!

Hey! I'm way to old for martial arts training!

Hiroo Mochizuki Shihan is in his mid sixties and still trains every day. We currently have students who started in their 40's and 50's who really enjoy their training. Remember every day you put off starting martial arts training you are just a little bit older so why not start today!! 

How old should my child be to start karate?

We believe children are ready to start training in karate at the age of seven. Younger children are sometimes considered depending on the circumstances.

What can I expect?

After bowing into class a typical lesson will start with a warm-up then some stretching. Following this will be the main focus of the class. This time may be spent on punching, kicking or blocking techniques with or without a partner. Or perhaps Katas (a prearranged series of movements or "forms"), Goshin Jutsu (self defence), physical conditioning or Kumite (sparring). The class only lasts around an hour and you will not be made to do anything you are not comfortable with. 

What days do you train?

Mondays and Thursdays 6.30 to 7.30pm at the Junior Football Club Morrison Road opposite the Forrestfield Recreation Centre in Forrestfield. 

Where do you train?

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Why not come down and watch a class or better still join in, remember the first lesson is free. 



Effectiveness for me is the mind of the man who can change rapidly and who is creative and has the pleasant personality to achieve an important position, lead a pleasant life and have a nice family. The effectiveness of life is the most important thing for all of us.

Hiroo Mochizuki Shihan




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